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​B-360 utilizes dirt bike culture to end the cycle of poverty, disrupt the prison pipeline, and build bridges in communities. Through a STEM education program, community engagement, workforce pipe-lining and events , we equip youth and adults with the skills to secure educational and career opportunities in STEM fields, motor sports and  beyond ! 


We change perceptions dirt bike riders and engineers. We repair and build relationships in the community, uncover new and different career opportunities, give and enhance career skills, leverage the STEM gap and create events that unite communities in a safe and fun way.

Volunteer Or Instructor

STEM Education 

Riders have natural mechanic skills from fixing and repairing their bikes or the ability to understand physics equations from popping wheelies. We're growing the talent that already existed, one wheelie at a  a time. 

Let's help keep people safe. We  creat events for riders of all ages to display their talents. Let us bring the next event to your community

Working with cities and government agencies to shift riding out of traffic through programming and safe spaces. 


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Baltimore,MD. 21215


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