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B-360 utilizes dirt bike culture to end the cycle of poverty, disrupt the prison pipeline, and build bridges in communities. Through a STEM education program, community engagement, workforce pipe-lining, and events, we equip disconnected youth and adults with the skills to secure educational and career opportunities in STEM fields, while changing perceptions of dirt bike riders and engineers.


We repair and build relationships in the community, uncover new and different career opportunities, give and enhance career skills, leverage the STEM gap and create events that unite communities in a safe and fun way.


Meet The Founder 

Brittany Young

Brittany is a Baltimore native; she has programmed nuclear plants, developed medical devices, planned satellite explorations, but finds the most satisfaction in her roles in STEM education & service to her community.


She became empowered to create opportunities that increase diversity in STEM fields and counter negative narratives. With Baltimore City Community College and NASA, she awards merit-based scholarship and internships designed to increase the number of African- Americans in the STEM

field starting at the community college/GED level and to help diversify careers with NASA. ​


Our Focus

Bridging The Gap

Through our program, students develop skills and mindsets that will provide them with the opportunity to one day obtain a career in STEM, become impactful community members, and become safety-conscious riders. They learn that skills associated with what they're passionate about, dirt bikes, are easily transferable to STEM careers. Black STEM professionals make up just 5% of all engineers in the U.S. Cities like Baltimore, D.C. and Philadelphia have many unoccupied STEM careers, as well as vibrant urban dirt bike riding cultures. Urban dirt bike riders have the exceptional mechanic abilities that can translate into meaningful careers in STEM; however, there needs to be a system in place to connect the two.


What We Do

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