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Made possible from a contribution from The T. Rowe Price Foundation, we're looking for a dedicated individual and/or firm , that can work with 4 Black led organizations, leading strategy and impelemntation to make our orgs gain capacity. Click, Share and Apply! 

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Volunteer Or Instructor

Are you over 16 years and older looking for an opportunity to motivate others around culture? Be the Revolution today and shift the culture by becoming an instructor or volunteer! We will get you trained and ready to work, no skills needed to apply!

Dirt Bike Workshop Instructor - Help youth under 16 in workshops and activities learning the engineering behind dirt bikes, safety, community and more.

Events and Programs Assistant - Donate your time to help with pop up events, work on projects and lend a helping hand where needed.

Social Media Handler - Help promote B-360 on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) to increase awareness of programs offered


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If you’d like to partner with us or feature our work, please fill out the fields below and give us a brief description of what you’re looking to do.

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